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Gacked From Most of The F-List

Five Ways You Know I've Written a Fic:

1) Lois Lane is alternately raising holy hell at someone or snarking at Clark within the first ten paragraphs of the fic.

2) The Clois is almost always saddled with unexpected children of some sort. And, God help Lois, they're usually not adopted.

3) Adverbs. Without beta, lots and lots of adverbs. *headdesk* Oh, and 'seems'. I have an unnatural love of the word. XD

4) Description overload. As much as I loathe it in some authors, I find myself determined to describe everything in cinematic detail.

5) NEVER under 1,000 words if I don't have a tight leash. Even the oneshots are epic-length, I find. XD
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