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It's Being Reposted Everywhere Right Now, But It Needs To Be.

Gacked from ellenemi 's Tumblr post at Fuck Yeah! Lois Lane. Thanks for posting it, love. Truer words were never spoken.

"I mean, she’s different from Clark and Superman, that’s for sure. She’s bold, she’s brassy, and she really has no sense of boundaries. She’ll eat off your plate without asking (or noticing). She’ll storm into the men’s room if the line to the women’s room is too long. Her dad was a general, and she doesn’t completely understand that she’s not one, too. One of the reasons Superman is instantly attracted to her is because she constantly surprises him, and he’s hard to surprise."
— Mark Waid [talking about Lois Lane]

Honestly, what more can I say than.... FUCK YEAH!!!! XD
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