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Not Enough Time For A Real Review, But I Have To Say... (SV 10x08)

Okay, Teri Hatcher fans, she's not my Lois and we all know my feelings on a certain show, but I have to say something surprising. Sort of Noel Neill's few minutes as Ella, I think Hatcher has come the closest to the way I see Lois' mother. It was heartfelt and moving. I still cringe when I see her, but the performance was some of the best work I've seen her do. Congrats, guys, I give her two-thumbs-up for her cameo. TH fans, pat yourselves on the back.

Do we even want to get me started on the Clois storyline? Because it was pure awesome. Erica played Lois' feelings of loss perfectly and it just killed me. Pitch-perfect. And they're doing a great job of keeping her a nice blend of modern Loises. Although I grinned like an idiot when she was in the Fortress, yelling at Jor-El. Who does that sound and look like? *grins at Margot* And just how black did that hair look in the light of the Fortress? *happy dance*

The moment with Jor-El and Lara was gorgeous and perfect. I love the fact that they didn't shy from the arrogance and the flaws of Jor-El, but had the man himself point it out and admit to it while admitting that he wasn't perfect. Neither of them were perfect. I think I've found a version of the man I can finally like. I love that, after all these years, Clark finally got the truth about his legacy, his parents, and what he truly meant to them. What he still means to them. And finally closing in on his destiny has earned him that. Best of all, it was Lois and her determination that brought it about. She's the key to making him the man he needs to be. And I love every second of it.

And about that little ring? I'm thrilled to see what they do. I don't need the big over-the-top proposal that Lana got. I don't need a hand-made ring. I don't need wind-blowing gorgeousness. Yes, it was beautiful, no one can deny that. But you know what? All that pretty and the relationship fell apart. Epically. The comics Clois got engaged in a packing lot after a visit to Lois' mom in the hospital. I don't care how it happens. It doesn't have to be a scene for the ages. It's the love that matters, not if the moment is full of star-light and awesome. It's magical just because it is. It's the relationship, the love, not the trappings. And these two have it. Go for it, you two. I don't care where it's done. I'll just be happen to see it happen.

And TESS! YESYESYESYESYES! Not only is she a Luthor, she's freaking LENA!!!!! *screams her head off lauging and twirling* I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! Also, sounds like Granny had plans for her to become Barda. Hmmmm... Intrigued to see where this is going to go. And just how pleased do you think Ollie's going to be to find this out? Don't worry, Tess, love. I'll wack him if he does anything stupid. I adore Tess, end of story. And this just makes me love her more. Now I HAVE to see what they're cooking up for the Luthor episode. This is gonna be good!

And just how freakishly perfect was the Granny casting? XD OMG, Delores! Someone find George! First, you're employing reapers and now this! What would Murray think? XD If you're a fan of Dead Like Me, your jaw totally dropped. Christine Willes was the perfect choice, although I never would have expected it in a million years. LOVED IT!

*looks up* Dammit, I said I wasn't gonna do a whole review. XD Oh, well!
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