Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Home Today And Showered In Loveliness

Well, there's so much to do today and I'm alone in the mother-in-law's house. I even have a to-do list today.

1) I owe sean_montgomery</lj>, my beloved twin, reviews on both Conversation Hearts and Close Call. *winces about Conversation Hearts, which is soooo late*
ETA: Now down to just Conversation Hearts! Getting there! Getting there!

2) I owe htbthomas</lj>, my beloved beta and Mom, reviews on any and all Arachnid fics. Just remember, it's not because it's Ol' Eight-Legged. It's because I'm hideously behind on reviews! 

3) Try to add a bit more on 12 Days, both halves, on my own, while Anissa's at work.  ETA: Well, that's going to make things a little more interesting. XD)

4) Update the LS timeline so that we can post it up here at some point in the future.

5) Post elliania</lj>'s gorgeous Richana icons and continue pleading for more of them. She's such a genius, guys! *hugs our Kat* 

ETA: One Down!

6) Find Brian! Oh, mr_beeto</lj>! Where are you, our only boy? Come back from the world of tech so we know you're alive, love!   ETA: And Bri found me! Good to have you home, love! *hugs the third twin* BTW, Brian is now the artist formerly know as beeto_from_ff. He now only goes by mr_beeto</lj>;)

7) Try to polish off the flashback sequence from Heart and Soul, since we've finished the Richana... *slaps hand over mouth* Oops, was that a spoiler? *evil grin*  ETA: Well, now. Suddenly we understand exactly what these two have been running from. Ladies and gents, Heart and Soul is very nearly finished and definitely M, but for good reason. Hold onto your hats, folks.

Okay, off to try and be useful on my day off without my stinky, meddling father-in-law.
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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