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Just A Couple of Spoilers To Remind Me To Finish These Oneshots

Since I'm having to fight with Photobucket to upload the pics, I decided to put a couple of these guys up so I remember that we need to get them in the can and posted. I'd love to have both finished out by the New Year. But Heirs' finale takes precedence. However, here's a couple of tidbits of the sexier oneshots we're working to finish.

“In a minute, you’ll be too busy to slap me.  Or did you already forget one of the benefits of being with a Kryptonian?” 

Her eyes went wide, and he caught her thighs, adjusting her slightly as he stepped back from the wall.  It was easy to hold her slight weight balanced in his hands; it must’ve felt like flying, for her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.  “So how do you want it this time?  Up against the wall again?  Back across the couch?  In bed, with you on top like the very first time, so I can watch you move?” Kal-El asked.  “And don’t pretend you don’t want it.  I know better.”  He pulled her close, the heat of him still buried in her slickness.

She hissed, stifling a gasp by locking her jaw, her glare savage.  That was fine by Kal-El.  “You’re so sexy when you’re angry,” he told her.  “You give me that look like you want to tear my throat out with your teeth, and I just want to tumble you into bed and make you scream my name.  Because you’re mine, you always will be, and…”  The rest of the sentence vanished as she tightened around him, crossing her legs behind his back to squeeze harder.

“We were seven or eight, I think, and both wore our bathing suits.”

“Cute. Play the jealousy card. Evil man.”  She reached up to ruffle his damp hair, narrowing her eyes at him. “I don’t know why I could have thought that you could have done anything as unvirtuous as skinny-dipping here in Smallville without my immoral influence.”

He ran his hand lightly up her sides, stopping when she yelped.  “Oh, people in Smallville go skinny-dipping, yours truly included.  We just don’t do it coed.  What about you, Lois?  Did the quintessential city girl ever indulge in such a countrified pursuit as skinny-dipping?”

Lois looked a little sheepish then. “Ummm, yeah. But it wasn’t all that countrified. And it was in Lake Como. Italy. With an ambassador’s son. While I was grounded and Mom and Dad took Luce into town for the day.” 

Kal-El couldn’t help it.  He threw back his head and laughed.  “Why am I not surprised?”  Lois scowled at him for that, pouting, and he quickly wiped that look off her face by tickling her sides again.


So, yeah, need to get back to work on these guys, as they're both over 2,000 words and I want to get them posted before I forget again.
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