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Construction's A Bitch, But Hey...

Well, we've made it up here in one piece, despite the tons of road improvement and having to take a totally different route to get here to Asheville. Left kinda late for us, around 3:30, but made good time. Since we only got about three hours' sleep last night, we got here to the hotel around 1 and crashed. We have plans to go see Legend of the Guardians around 9:50 tonight, then maybe a drive. And the leaves are just BEAUTUFUL! We got here just at the very time to could have hoped. 

I'm so damn HAPPY, you guys, and it's been a little bit since I was purely and truly that. I totally wish that we could have you all here with us. That's the only thing that could top it. :D

Expect to hear from us on and off throughout the trip, but I'm not sure when I'm going to post next. However, I do know that I'll be posting on Saturday, if no other day.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Try to have a good week as much as you can and I'll send some of my own happy your way!  
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