Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

12 Days Update

Well, ladies and Brian, as of 4:09 this morning we have 3,683 words and a title: If It's Meant To Be... We're having a great time with this one. It's so funny to be writing the majority of this without the twins. I forget at times what it's like to write just the two of them with no distractions but each other. Never fear, though: the twins have an adventure off-camera that we go into at the end of the tale. But before that, Mommy and Daddy have a couple of very different adventures of their own.

And yes, we'll have Heart and Soul on time this week as well. For all of you a little grumbly about the two of them backing off, if you knew why they backed off, what a torture that was because of their past... Guess what? You're about to understand. As for Richard and Lana, just what is about to happen in that kitchen?

Curious yet?

*evil grin*

And bistyboo1974? Just another reminder that you totally made my day! *tackle hugs* And sean_montgomery? Two-thumbs up, thus far! Now what happened next?!?!?!? And stop shooting me that dirty look for saying this here! *LOL* 
Tags: oneshot progress updates

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