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"That's What I Become" (Smallville 10x04: Homecoming)

Wow, this could have gone the other way so quickly. SO QUICKLY. I mean, it IS just a clip show, right? But it didn't. It so didn't.

It's finally happened. It's here, the things I love so much about this story are on the cusp of happening. From the moments in which we all hated every other episode back in season seven, when I was so disgusted with everything, to the frustration of season eight, and on to the starting-to-get-there season nine, I've wanted to occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) drop this show like a hot rock. I was epically paid back in full by last night's episode. Oh, was I.

This is about as EPIC as it gets. And more than I truly ever expected from this show. They've managed to fly higher and tell more hard truths about their universe in the last four episodes than I thought they were capable of. Things that we've been yelling at our TV screens for years, aggravated enough to punch our sets out. Things about Clark and his Emo Boy, the things that keep holding him back, Jonathan and the need to make him proud, the blind eye he casts at things at times to keep from getting hurt or hurting others, the anger that seeps in. His need to not hurt Lois the way he did Chloe, to not let things go the same route as they did with Lana. Things we've all been saying, but didn't realize the writers knew.

I even enjoyed the Lana flashback scene and the Torch and the Wall of Weird. It was hilarious to see that Chloe has her little fans who worship the ground she walks on. Also, that Chloe obviously has her eyes on these kids. It was a respectful tip of the hat to the past and what it means to the foundation of the series.

They called him on his guilt. Bluntly. I'm so glad that they put the mirror up to his face. He needs some of that, he needs it to be the hero he is, but he holds on too much. You need to resolve that before you move on. I keep hearing things this season that I never thought I would. Thank you, Kelly and Brian. And Tom. It's time.

As much as it hurt to hear, along with the use of Everything, the punch bowl lady said all the things that have been spewed at Lois, all of the ugliness she's gotta by the older fans. And you know what? That was the past perception. She's still paying, although she's his canon wife, for the past of the series. And there's nothing she can do about that except soldier on. As hard as that scene is to watch, it was necessary. And I'm glad they put it out there like that. Especially where Clark could overhear. It's time he really understood what it was like for her.

Also, the Bugboy moment? Went exactly the opposite of what everyone expected and I love it. Not the expected route at all and exactly what Clark needed to see. Yes, you have done some good. You HAVE changed people's lives already.

(Looks like no one's put that one up yet. Which is a shame, actually.
ETA: Found it!)

Can I even talk about The Future? Are there really any words? Tom. OMFG, Tom, I love you but you... You're my Jason for a reason and I love you so madly. This? Not only for your ability to deliver here, but for being such a fan? If I can't have Brandon back in the cape, I wanna see you there. I think I've made up my mind. If no Brandon, I'm in for Tom. This episode finally decided me. His wide-eyed OMGISTHISREALLYHAPPENING!?! through the whole first sequence with Lois was so wonderful and THEM. Their chemistry was totally highlighted in this scene to perfection.

And let's not even get me into 'Future!Clark. I screamed. I honest-to-God screamed at three in the morning. I loved every single second of him on screen. And the way they played the two Clarks together? Perfection. So awesome. I should mention that I was just sniffling with disbelief at this point.

For Lois, oh dear Lois. Erica, you... Dear God, you. Yep, folks, she's it. Margot, then Erica. She'll always be the Lois for this generation for me. Those two and no other. Any Lois they put on the big screen has pretty big shoes to fill. Pitch-perfect throughout.

HELICOPTER SCENE! OMFG HELICOPTER SCENE! I love you guys. I'll never forget that. I really meant a lot to me. And the scene itself was great. One final kick to make Clark realize once and for all that she can do this. Lois can handle your life and more. More than you can ever imagine, darling.

And did anyone else see Clark's reaction to the date earlier in the scene? And it's pretty obvious that he's been doing this for quite a while. Anyone want to guess how soon his launch date may be? Eighteen more episodes, guys. It may be here before you know it. ;)

And I love how Clark comes back at just the right time to start to make up not only for disappearing, but also for the dance that was interrupted in Bride, Lois not holding it against him, only to have someone else ruin it for them. Ah, Jimmy, how I miss you for a more canon version of this.

Also, I love that Clark immediately goes about doing what he needs to do. I love that my darling BDA finally got it into his head that Ollie is pretty much his best friend right now and that he really does need his help to get the ball rolling and to do it correctly and keep it rolling. And the moment at Jonathan's grave was beautiful. Jon would be so proud of him for moving forward like this.

And what can I possibly say about the ending scene? What? Other than I remember when they said last season that Lois would be the key to his flying. I see, you guys. I see. And the fact that Clark has finally decided not to hold back? It's time. You two are legend. Stop fighting it. It's time.

It's time.
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