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OOOH! babettew54, I Love You!

As I've been violently ill all day (yeah, I know. When am I NOT?), I've been home and resting despite the hell I'll likely get on Thursday. I just checked in a little while ago and finally saw something that confirmed that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was worth all the hype. I think I've read everything I can on the net about the books and the original film series. Not curious at all about the remake, as American remakes ALWAYS suck. I don't need it changed for my sensibilities to make them realistic. That said, I think I'll be tracking down everything I can find for this. I'm excited for something for the first time in the last little bit! Well, other than Smallville. :D

Now if I could just talk my stomach into retaining what I put in it... *sighs disgustedly*
Tags: book/movie reviews, the girl with the dragon tattoo

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