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A Chance That Maybe We'll Find Better Days

MUCH better outlook today. The weather is cool, I have no FIL around to depress me, I can make my own stuff, I got enough sleep, I woke up in the silence of the morning at my MIL's house, I'm nearly finished polishing a chapter I've been waiting forever to write, I have a day out with my family today, and even though I have all of my money sunk into my trip in three weeks and am totally broke, I'm happy.

How weird. I have a ton of stuff I'd love to be buying right now, but you know what? I'll be in the mountains in three weeks. Who needs candy corn-scented body wash when I'll be running around in cold weather shortly? Really?


And chickadilly , I'm sorry I didn't do much of a write-up on the meet-up. It's not that I didn't want you, because you are the most awesome person I have ever met. Trufax. That four hours meant a lot to me and the fact that you were so wonderful to listen to us go on and on and on was one of those things that kept me going last week when things got hard. You are infinitely precious to me, you know that? *snugs you tight* Why on Earth did you have to go home just when I really wanted you to stay? *pouts* I LOVE YOU, LEA! I MISS YOU!
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