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Building A Mystery (Smallville 10x02: Shield)

Okay, so I didn't get to review the last one all the way, but I'm going to try for a shorter review this time.

  • I understand the anticipation for THE SUIT, but I'm realistic this year. Everyone just calm down; we're not going to get it this early, you all know it, so let's just slow down and enjoy what they're cooking up. I'll take the version from last night happily if it's all we get. It's close enough for Smallville and more than I ever expected to see.
  • I really can't be all that disappointed with the vast major of this season. They've done more to move the series toward the canon in two episodes than I've seen in all the past nine seasons easily. And it's being a lot truer to the characters that they bring on, as well, although I'm actually happier with Cat as an overly-cute Hello Kitty-type, whether she's the real Cat or not. Dunno why they went there with the is-she-or-isn't-she, but whatever. I'll take what I can get.
  • There's not enough time to go into the awesome that was Lois and Carter's scenes together. Don't bother nitpicking it to me. I can't hear you over how awesome they are. Period. And how much of a brain-bleed is it to hear them talk about The Secret out loud after all this time. And Lois is BEYOND what I even expected in her reaction to it. Really, don't bother picking at it. I just can't hear you. And they brought up Superman. *SCREAMS AND HAPPYDANCES!!!!* Yes, I'm easily made happy. Oh, oh, and the Isis-Ra parallel? Don't know that I ever would have gone there, but it works.

  • As many people as complained about the explanation of Chloe's exit, I can live with it. It's actually got good potential, if it's played right at the end. I don't expect that we'll see her again until the end of the season. So, the question is, where did she go? To Martha? To find Lana? Because we all know that she didn't leave just to start a new life or something. There's more brewing there...or it would be if I was writing it. I guess we'll see what's up as time goes on. The note? Yeeeeeah. Not so thrilled about the wording, but I'm glad that she found some happiness with Ollie. Feel bad for poor Jimmy, though. But giving the way that they threw him away, it shouldn't surprise me.
  • Cat had a point and so did Oliver. It's time to come out of the shadows and into the light. It's time now and I can't wait to see what comes next. Especially after seeing the newest version of the suit. I LOVED the look on Clark's face after Cat mentioned red, white, and blue and Which is funny, because Anissa and I were just discussing Jason's grown-up uniform. And...yeah. Can't say I called it, but it's pretty damn close. XD

  • Tess. I'm liking the vibe going on here, and more so with the helping Chloe erase herself. And there's the kid. As long as they don't so so far as to make her TOO good, I'm along for the ride happily.
  • Absolutely looking forward to the rest of the season. Only one complaint about the new suit, though. Clark, the hair's too tight. Loosen it up a bit. Ans yes, the curl needs to be there. Period. The hairstyle needs to match. Don't complain that it's not cool. Superman is BEYOND looking cool. ;)
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