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Two Days. Two Freakin' Days.

I've waited ten years for this to happen. Don't let me and the rest down, Smallville. We've EARNED this.

ETA: I can get the recast of Rosenbaum. The storyline makes it necessary. We all saw this coming, especially since Rosey wasn't too anxious to come back. Superman HAS to have Lex Luthor. Period. It sucks that they couldn't talk him into it, but I saw this coming from a million miles away. It was a given with or without.

However, I am SO not down with the casting rumors going around about Ella Lane. One: someone have a blonde wig? Everything we've seen about SV!Ella makes that version a blonde. We've seen pics. Two: Annnnd they resemble each other how? Seriously? Oh, I get it. We all know how much she looks like her dad, right? *smirk* No. Just no. Sorry to the fans out there, but it just stinks of stunt casting. Not Cool.
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