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In Which Lois Is 'Splodey and Fandom-Canon Defensive

There are days where you just have to walk away from the meta or your brain will explode from sheer aggravation. GAH!

I'll stick to my own theories, thanks.

*tries to stop twitching*

ETA: When discussing Movieverse, please remember that this is not Smallville, Lois & Clark, or the comics. Why? Because both Smallville and L&C came AFTER the RV canon. Therefore, your canon came after the one established in the film series. So it's not the same. Also, the comics canon has been rebooted so many times now that it's almost invalid. It mostly contradicts itself these days unless you're using a specific era. Please don't try to use post-Bronze Age canon onto something that came 20 years before and before no less than two changes of canon. And even Bronze Age can be iffy.  

I don't push my canon on you; I would appreciate the same from fellow fans of fandom.

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