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Random Picspam Is Random But YAY!

Includes Mom, an answer to the 'What Superman Collectibles I Have' question dj_intheuk asked me a while back, what the progress on my study looks like, and such.

These are the pics I've been trying to get around to posting for the last few weeks. I hate when I have so many things planned that it takes me months to get pics off my camera. I guess I just need to start unloading it immediately. But anyhoo, here's what I got. :D

Look! It's me, htbthomas, and Anissa! That was one of the most fun fangirl days I've ever had! I wish we could have gotten more time to talk, but sometimes less makes it all the more memorable. This makes me more and more convinced that a meet-up weekend is a must. I NEED to see you guys. And this visit with Mom, as well as the ones with bistyboo1974  and babettew54, made up my mind. We need that meet-up if only to gossip about fandom. :D MISS YOU, B!


The progress on my study continues as I try to find a good balance of putting out my collectibles and have space for my book. We likely need another two bookcases. And that's still not going to be enough to hold them all. But this is the best it's looked in five years. I'm happy.


And you can easily see the Superman shelves. And that's only my favorites. :D


I still need to get these two up on the wall. There just hasn't been time.

The Bagel says "HELLO!"


Two plot bunnies that live there, as well, Phaedra and Briseis. And you wonder why we write so much. :D
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