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Maybe This Will Help With All The Sadness and Hurt Going Around The F-List

I have spoilers for two projects that will be going up this week. One is the awaited chapter, the other a surprise fic that was inspired by the lists of Win/Fail fics that were posted last year. Hopefully these will ease the day for some of you a little.

<- 'Heirs' to your left. Yep, we mean business this time.

Below is a little snippet from what we like to call 'Five Times That Lois Lane Failed At Domesticity...and One Time She Pwned.'

Cooking: The Casserole Catastrophe


Lois and Clark had divided up the various household chores fairly evenly; neither of them believed in such things as ‘woman’s work’.  So they split cooking duties in half: three days for her, three days for him, and dinner out once a week. 

Only Clark had begun to notice that Lois’ three nights often turned out to be ‘bring dinner home’ instead of ‘make dinner’.  She could cook, she just didn’t do so unless it was something like soup and sandwiches, or hot dogs done on the grill with a salad on the side.  More often than not, he arrived home to find them eating some form of takeout – usually fairly healthy, but Clark had been raised with the idea that nothing could beat a home-cooked meal.

Lois knew how he felt, which was why she was unsurprised to find a casserole in the refrigerator on her night to cook.  Scowling, she read the note written in Clark’s perfect script: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and bake for 45 minutes.  It’s chicken and pumpkin casserole – you’ll like it, I promise.  “Chicken and pumpkin?” Lois said disbelievingly.  That was a weird combination if ever she’d heard of one.  But when she lifted the edge of the foil and sniffed, the spices smelled good.  Whatever, the worst that could happen was she could prove Clark wrong and go out for dinner anyway.

The oven in the apartment was new, but Lois quickly figured out how to set it to preheat and popped the casserole in.  The timer, however, was a mystery.  She didn’t use oven timers much anyway; Lois was a better baker than cook, and things like cookies and cakes needed to be baked a little differently.  You pulled cookies just before they looked done, and cakes when a toothpick inserted in the center came out clean, not after some pre-determined length of time. 

After fiddling with the timer button for a few minutes, Lois gave up and looked at the clock.  She’d just have to make sure to pull it out in 45 minutes, that was all.  With that in mind, she started setting the table.  That was one thing Ella had managed to instill in her: the value of eating dinner around a table, as a family. 

She had just set the forks in place when the phone rang.  Sighing, Lois hurried to answer it.  “Lane-Kent residence,” she snapped.

                The voice on the other end erased all traces of aggravation in two sentences.  It was the night desk at the Daily Planet, calling her with a hot breaking story.

:D Hope that was worth the wait.
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