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I Just Need A Moment To Digest...

At one time in my life, there was only one obsession in my life that was stronger than Superman or LFN. That was a wonderful little indie comic book by the name of Strangers In Paradise by the emminent brilliance that is Terry Moore. If I could have written out my life in high school and beyond, it would have been SIP. If there was any character that I'm more like than Lois Lane in my life, it's Francine Peters. And Anissa could not be more Katchoo if she tried. This book, minus the more dramatic aspects (i.e. no husband, Mob, call girls, miscarriages, and David), is my life. In a nutshell. Only no one there is a Superman fan. You want to know most of my life's details? Read Strangers.

I had know this wonderful book was going to come to an end for a long time now. I disappeared from the fandom last year, as things were looking very dim for Francie and Chewie and it was breaking my heart. I only very recently had the guts to check the progress as they're now down to two issues. My heart just broke. Alot seems to have happened since I last read, including the death of an important main character. I hate the end of a good story, especially since there's a very good chance that it might not be the ending you were hoping for for the last over ten years. I guess this is my last hurrah for this book so close to my heart. So much so that I posted this in my Superman LJ. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I can't recommend this story highly enough.

Terry, Francine, Katina, David...thanks so much for the laughter, tears, heart attacks, and various other emotions that have been the roller-coaster ride that was and is one of the greatest comic book adventures of all time. We love you! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and a sweet goodnight.

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