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Where Do They Find Them And WHY Do They Keep Sending Them To Me?

When reviewing a fic at The Pit of Voles, please pay close attention to the section of a fandom you're in. More specifically, the part that tells you if it's a TV show or a movie series. Reeveverse and Returns-verse are not Smallville. If you watch Smallville and you wander into Movieverse and find the characterization not to your liking, please either stop reading or realize where you are. Do NOT attack a pairing or characterization that you don't GET. Or if you do, do your homework and find out what Movieverse means for you, your favorite character, or your favorite pairing. Things change from one version to another and you'll only look foolish. 

Guess how my morning just went? Did you guys know Lana was black-haired in the movieverse? *disgusted sigh*

ETA: Anissa Strikes Back.
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