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Credit to my incredible januaried for the winter-gorgeous that is this manip!

(I would rather be doing this ^ Oh, Florida summer and your record-breaking heat-index suck, how I loathe you!)

In bullet-points. :D
  • Thank you to everyone that answered about the Shuffle. She was given it as a gift and had no idea how putting music on it would work. I think the unexpected cost of the files is what freaked her the most. Was a good gift until she realized that. *LOL*
  • As soon as my camera stops being a diva and lets me upload, the pics will be posted. That's been the problem the last few days. Pics are forthcoming, promise!
  • Considering doing a short little vid to the current story arc in Heirs to a song by A Perfect Circle. I have a good portion of footage for it. Maaaaaaybe.
  • <- New spoiler. HI, BIG SCARY! Weeeeeee'reeeee heeeeeeeere! :D
  • I'm going to try to get my muse rolling more lately. I hate that I took a powder last week. :(
So, more later, but I'm starting to get my butt back in gear. YAY!
Tags: heirs spoiler, the authors in rl, the f-list knows all

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