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07 August 2010 @ 03:06 am
Ladies and gents, may I present the Little Secrets-verse Ensemble Cast video, Everybody Loves Me? :D Linking both YT and Vimeo version in case one of them is blocked.

Superman Saga-Little Secrets Universe-Everybody Loves Me from Lois Joos on Vimeo.

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athenesolon: STM Impish smileathenesolon on August 7th, 2010 01:27 pm (UTC)
Why in the HECK does that scene with the "bingo-ball" machine give me a plot bunny for the end of SIII???? Why is it that the worst movies give you the best bunnies???

Lois: Lois :: Gigglekalalanekent on August 7th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
Because the muse has a sick sense of humor. God knows that ours does it to me. *blows raspberry at her* But that scene always used to crack me up (Lois noticing the danger first and creeping backwards before anyone else, the fact that the lid flies in Lana's direction, and that sound Red makes that makes it sound like someone stepped on a squeaky toy. SEE, THAT'S THAT YOU GET WHEN YOU STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S BOYFRIEND!!), so I had to include it despite the fact that I love our Lana.
januaried: fandom + superman + richardclarkjanuaried on August 10th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
Because it's the worst movies that we want to change the most? :D
sean_montgomery: Sailor Moon - Neptune SQUEE!sean_montgomery on August 8th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)

TWIN! This is probably the best MV you've ever done! Great job with the editing! I'm sure that must have been a pain in the butt!
Lois: Lois :: Lovekalalanekent on August 10th, 2010 06:57 pm (UTC)
HEE! YES! It really did take some work. I've been DLing films for about two weeks nonstop. And the editing. GAH!

It really makes me SO happy that you guys like this!
januaried: fandom + superman + singing elvisjanuaried on August 10th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
BWAHAHAHAA THAT IS HILARIOUS. What a perfect song for LS verse. Love goth dancer Kala, and the glimpses of Sebast, and LOL at Oliver popping up. I would have liked more Richard and blackhair!Kala, but I know all too well how limited the footage is. Fantastic work bb, I love it! ♥
Lois: Clark :: Filled With Dorky Gleekalalanekent on August 10th, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
I'm SO glad you liked it! And GEEZ, did it take forever to make. I'm just thrilled with the final result.

*poke* That's not Oliver, it's Nick! :P I wish I had footage of him from somewhere else, but it's the only thing of decent quality I've found so far.

Would be more Richard if I could get a decent copy of 27 Dresses. The copy I got didn't convert well. I'm going to delete the one I have and try for another copy. And sadly, the darkest haircolor I found was in 28 Weeks Later and none of the footage had bright enough light or anything appropriate subject-wise to use. :( I'm going to keep looking, though. I REALLY want a couple of Damages episodes to cull from.
saavikam77: Sun Supessaavikam77 on August 17th, 2010 07:16 pm (UTC)
HEEE!! \O/

This turned out fantastic, hon! I LOVED all the cameos by all the side characters, too. ^___^

*applauds wildly*
Lois: Clark :: Filled With Dorky Gleekalalanekent on August 18th, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
Have I mentioned that I plan to sneak Cat, Tobie, and Maggie into the next one? :D
saavikam77: Brandon Curlsaavikam77 on August 18th, 2010 05:38 pm (UTC)