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Too. Damn. Much. To. Do.

The last few days are blending together now. Between work and having been sick, I'm running behind on EVERYTHING.

Except the chapter. :D GO ME! A couple more scenes to go and a final polish and it should be up before we leave out on Saturday morning.

And just where are we going Saturday, you ask?

I didn't want to mention it until I was sure it was going to happen, but I'll FINALLY be meeting Mom! htbthomas  is going to meet us in Orlando Saturday afternoon for coffee! I'm so damn excited! And the timing couldn't be more perfect, especially since we're heading into the Big Scary on the fic. Who better to consult than the Evil Cliffie Queen herself? Be warned, my darling fans, be warned! :D

That said, I'll be getting back to replies and such after we finish the polish tonight. Promise!

Also, the extended Everybody Loves Me video is at 2.40 of 3.20 as we speak. And I really think this one is going to turn out awesome. :D
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