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RIP, Tom Mankiewicz

Not too many people within the new members of the fandom even knew who he was, but he was a briiliant and well-seasoned screen writer, a very warm and human man, and much loved by those within the Reeveverse Family. My condolences to to Margot, Dick, his family, and the many thousands of fans out there that knew his worth not only on Superman, but so many others. Mank, you were an inspiration I won't soon forget and the world is that much darker without your presence. I only wish I had had the chance to meet you. We, as a new generation of the fandom, didn't get the time with you we would have wished for.  We'll try to keep an eye out for Dick and Margot for you.

Rest in peace, sir. We of the Old Guard will miss you terribly.

As taken from Caped Wonder.com.
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