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Wow, I've been boring as hell the last few days. I hate that I spend all summer drowsy. *makes face* Sorry, guys. :(

Day 10 - Precious moments with Superman.

I have SO many that involve you guys. I'm not even sure I can narrow them down. My own moments with the character, though? All through-out middle and high school, I could have the most crushingly awful day, come home, pop any of the films in the VCR, and my mood would change. It seemed like there was no funk that this cast of characters couldn't pull me out of. The tagline from Rex Reed's review on STM puts it in perfect perspective: It's like being a kid again, only better.

Day 11 - Your favorite Superman quote (only Superman/Clark Kent, any medium).

"Well, today we survived the threat of world and found a fragile peace. I wanted to give you all the gift from war, but it's not mine to give. We're still a young planet. There are galaxies out there, other planets for us to meet, to learn from. What a brilliant future we might have. And there will be peace. There will be peace when the people of the world will want it so badly, their government will have no choice but to give it to them.  I wish that you all could see the Earth the way that I see; because, when you really think about it, it's just one world."

Day 12 - Your favorite Superman memorabilia.

A tough call between my 1978 STM teaser poster and my custom Lois Lane doll. But I have so many other little favorites among the collection, I can't pick beyond that.

Day 13 - Your favorite Superman related song.

Honestly, Jimmy Olsen's Blues. It's just so easy to see this as a Reeveverse song. You get Jimmy as the protagonist, singing about how awesome Lois is and how he'd love to steal her away. Just adorable. 

Day 14 - Your favorite Superman related movie.

Superman II: The Donner Cut, without question. All the awesome with half the fat. Easily the way the film SHOULD have been seen, although I'm not a huge fan of the turning-back-time scenario here. As cheesy as the amnesia kiss is, it leaves the door open for more in the future. And I think it's just rotten to have an experience with that with someone and just erase it out of existence. Not Good.

Day 15 - Your favorite Superman related TV Show.

I have to say that Smallville has really grown on me in the last two years. No, it's not perfect canon and yes, they really do take some huge liberties, but it's better than any other TV version I've seen. Closely behind that would either be the Animated Series or the Ruby-Spears cartoons I grew up with.
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