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Back to the Superman meme and the answers to elliania's icon questions. :D I need to put up my Icon Whore icon again. SOOO the truth! I still need more, dammit!

And one more meme, because I'm just addicted to Icon Memes! *teehee*

- reply to this post with the words TALE AS OLD AS TIME and I will pick six of your icons.
- make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

1 ~ Well, that's pretty obvious, really. All of you know that when I lock onto an OTP, I don't tend to let up. And, especially in the cases of Lois and Kal-El and Michael and Nikita, I've watched the source material long enough and often enough to literally quote their lines back and forth. To once and for all show my utter insanity, I can quite literally quote the entire amnesia scene from the Lester. All of Lois' lines. Granted that we did do a section of it for a event at my middle school at one point, but still. Yeah.

2 ~ Kala (Rose Byrne) blowing a kiss. *snugs her baby* I really wanted an icon to was easily 'I love you' for any situation at all. And this one of Rose was just too precious to not use. And you SO know Kal does this all the time sarcastically. She truly is her mother's daughter. *giggles*

3 ~ XD I really adore that icon and I don't get to use it enough. Very useful in situations in which you know you're being a pain in the ass. Especially in the case of that fandom. Especially when dealing with canon fans. Especially when your OTP is unpopular. H/HR FOREVER , BB!

4 ~ *snickers* I try to behave myself and not be too much of a fandom troublemaker, but there are just some situations in which I just can't help myself. Also, all of you guys know I'm capable of being an evil little brat when I wanna be. One of my best examples is the fact that we wrote Unfamiliar. That alone is reason for this icon to have residence in my userpics. :D

5 ~ For me, one of the FUNNIEST moments in Smallville history. Nothing can quite beat the looks on all four faces when they realize that they're ALL having sleepovers at the B&B. Well, maybe the shower scene is a LITTLE funnier, but... I just adore this moment.

6 ~ Well, sean_montgomery and I are twins, as the Family knows. rizny and I have so many moments these days of GMTA, we knew that we really needed one of these to commemorate that fact. She found this one and I so couldn't even resist. :D

Annnnnd, for the next couple of days of the Superman meme.

Day 07 - Your favorite Superman related character.

I adore Lois, madly and truly. But I never would have seen her if it wasn't for the man himself. Kal-El is such a great example of the nearly-perfect man. And even when he misses up, he does it for what he perceives as being the good of us all. Such a gentleman, such a gentle man, and with such love for a species that's not even his own. The mission started out as a legacy of his father's, but he keeps doing it because he truly considers us his responsibility. I really do think that's why I love this story so much. He's the ultimate Good Guy and even when things get their darkest, he manages not to give in. To keep fighting. And I need that in my life, the belief that someone else will keep fighting even against incredible odds.

Day 08 - The Superman character you most relate to.

Lois, period. Not only because I can relate, but because she really is everything I'd like to be, flaws and all. To have such a fiery personality, so sure of yourself, and to have the ability to capture an entire city's thoughts and imagination with your work. To strike fear in the hearts of politicians everywhere. To have that kinda of rapid-fire wit. To be able to keep a hero on his toes at all times. To see the kinds of things she does being Superman's girlfriend. I seriously could go on for days about the things that make me love her and I'd just be hitting the tip of the iceberg. And she's so amazing to write for. I'm grateful for having had the chance.

Day 09 - How many Superman related items do you own?

XD A lot. Let's leave it at that. ;)
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