Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Desperate For More Crack!

It was Sunday night. There was Crack!Tudors. There is a whole season. All is meet and right with the world. *faints with happiness*

I do have to report that we are working on three pieces at once: Come Undone, Heart and Soul, and our 12 Days. Come Undone clocks in currently at 3,921, Heart and Soul at 2,060, and 12 Days at 1,555. But we have alot of work to do. I think all three will go over well with the fans. God knows, we love them!

Here's hoping that all of us have better days this week than last. *hugs bistyboo1974and sean_montgomery, especially* 

Hey, B! Yeah, htbthomas! Should I give out a tiny spoiler for Come Undone or Heart and Soul? *winks* Hush, Abby! I know what you'll say! XD

Tags: crack!tudors, little secrets progress reports

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