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29 July 2010 @ 01:12 am
Writer's Block: Long ago and far away  
Do you wish you had grown up in another time and/or place? if so, when, where, and why?

God, so many times in the past, although I truly don't think I'd survive in the past too far just simply because of where my affections lie and how outspoken I can be. Not to mention, I don't really relish being treated like chattel, not matter how gorgeous the fashions or my surroundings (yeah, I'm looking at you, 16th century!). I really wouldn't be very safe in that unless I went fairly far into the past or stay in this or the last century. When limited to that, my choice would either be the Roaring 20s, when almost all was dismissible and nothing shocked the younger generation and the need to enjoy life as much as possible before the Market crashed. Desperately in love with those days, the fashion, and the music. Back in the days when jazz was hot as hell.

Or the mid-sixties and 70s with all their glitter and decadence. So much creativity and openness flowing through parts of the world. To be in the midst of my favorite version of the fandom and a decade that just fascinates me would be amazing, although lifestyle choices would have been pretty damn hard unless I was in New York or California.  Still, though... *sigh happily*

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athenesolon: Theater is Drama/ a Tragedyathenesolon on July 29th, 2010 12:22 pm (UTC)
As of right now I'm havingti imagine what it's like in 1963 France so I'm kinda "living" it a little. Fun and kinda, "Meh" at the same time for me.

Love the idea of the mid 1800s in certain areas (while the "Name thing" is still the case -being known as "Mrs. John Cody the IV" doesn't appeal- and ownership of property is still technically men's there seems to be a bit of a switchover a bit and women are beginning to take charge in other things it seems, it's when the first woman reporter begins writing and Susan B. Anthony and the other forward-thinking women of the US began making their case).