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My Immune System Sucks And Other Tales of the Weekend

So. Felt ill Sunday morning, went to work, got sick, didn't go home like a hard-head since we were two people short and we didn't have enough hours free to call someone else.

Felt ill Monday morning, didn't have to go in until later, still felt ill, ton of freight, two people down again, only person working one side of the store since the manager had to register a bridal couple, grew progressively sicker, waited until we had closed to be physically ill, finished freight, went home.

Annnnd my body just wouldn't let me get up until after 2 because I felt so awful. Good thing Anissa had told her job that she had a doctor's appointment this morning and we went in to her job late. So I only had to work five and a half tonight. I'm feeling better, but it meant that I miss januaried  this morning, which makes me sad. Hopefully she got more work done without me hanging around.

I really need to do the next two answers for the Superman meme tonight, but I'm working on a new video and the new chapter, so it's first priority for tomorrow morning. *snugs you all*
Tags: the authors in rl, typhoid mary, work suckage

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