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Superman Meme Days 2-6

Day 02 - When you became a Superman fan.

Actively? I was around 10 or 11 when I saw him again, babysitting the kids of one of my mom's friends who had HBO. Flipping channels one night, we ran across a showing of STM. Now, Dad is a Superman fan and I knew the story a little bit, but I'd never actually sat down and watched it all the way through, I don't think. I think we came in just past the Zod/Jor-El 'And one day, your heirs!' scene. The kids were fascinated. I was in love. I think I collected three tapes of the film over six months. One tape, two back-ups. XD

Day 03 - Your favorite Superman medium.

The films, period. I read the comic books from the early 90s until the late 90s, reading all of the back issues I could get my hands on (I have over 300 comic books going back to the Silver Age). I got so disgusted with the storylines and constant reboots that I dropped it like a hot rock. Never liked L&C. Liked the cartoons pretty well. Have grown to love Smallville. But my Superman? The films, bar none.

Day 04 - Your favorite Superman comic/title.

Back in the days, I read them all. My pull at Xeno's was full every time I picked it up. All Superman title, plus oneshots, Elseworlds, crossovers. You name it, I was getting it. So I don't really think I can narrow it down.

Day 05 - Your favorite live action Superman.

Christopher Reeve, in all his canon awesome. I fell in love with his version from the moment I saw it and it's never changed for a moment. As much as I find myself loving Tom and Brandon these days, it'll always be Chris.

Day 06 - Number of Superman comics/memorabilia you own.

We REALLY don't have the time. REALLY. I can saying that I've been collecting since I was around 13, using my allowance for anything Superman-related that I could find. And this is BEFORE eBAY. XD I'd guess maybe 150 individual items? That's likely about right. I ought to photograph some of it. :D
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