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Work busy. Lois needs roller-skates. Chapter at 6,000 words and will be posted late tonight or tomorrow morning. Meme to be updated tonight. Good meta conversation with januaried  on the nature of Kal-El and his heritage and the way a lot of people ignore it. Doing a dog rescue run to Daytona at 8 tomorrow night for a rat terrier and babies and I work noon on Sunday. Need to start next chapter and maybe a oneshot that's been boiling in my brain.

More updates when I'm not spazzing.

Also, work not so bad this week, mostly because I have a clearer view of what's happening. Also, managing to disconnect my emotions from issues there now. Not worth the pain and anguish. Much happer Lois despite the hours cut we just took. Oh, well, less money and more sanity. Christmas season in retail will be on us soon, more hours, and I'm still looking for another job. All will be well.
Tags: heirs progress report, the plot bunneh beckons, whafuck?

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