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Home Again And Wishing I Wasn't

Easiest way to do this quick little update is in bullet points. I really need to go pass out again...

  • First and foremost, due to how crazy our schedule was on this trip, we're going to have to delay a chapter yet again. With all of the drive-time and timing-upsets, we got more planning than actual writing done. The rest of Heirs has been decided down until the final scenes and we plan to make it all as worthwhile as we possibly can. I feel bad, but this is necessary to assure you guys get the best chapter possible. However, there may just be a little oneshot on the way. And it's comedy. :D Hey, Big Sister, you think they'll like The Donkey? *snicker*
  • We got to see bistyboo1974  on the way up and there was no way better to brighten what was going to be a VERY long day. Thanks so much, Big Sister, for coming out to see us. Especially since we were not quite awake and VERY cracky. Thanks also for the reactions to some of the spoilers, It really helped. ;)
  • We have a TON of ideas for oneshots and are looking forward to the reactions.
  • We have film of our mountain adventures and we think you guys will get a kick out of them. We'll start posting stuff tomorrow,
  • PICTURES. ZOMG THE PICTURES! It'll take several days to show you guys all the pictures.
  • Sleep. I got a ton of it, even when we were getting up early. I feel pretty damn rested up.
  • Adventures. We had plenty, although I'll let Anissa tell the stories, as she's better at it. Expect links.
  • No internet access for most of the trip. No WiFi in the cabin or most anywhere else. I have a ton of checking up on and can't wait to see how the results for the Awards turn out. I've been kept away from the site on purpose, methinks. *bites nails*
More on events later, once we've had a little more sleep. Is it bad that I can't wait for October? :D BUT I MISSED YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH! *tacklesnuggles her F-List*

As tomorrow is the last day to add your thoughts, if you haven't cast your votes, PLEASE do so. I want to make sure that everyone has their choices counted!

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