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“Hey guys, this is Lo, speaking to you from the illustrious drive through in Starbucks. Yes, Caroline, we just went back through the line and got some more coffee. Yes, we lose. We just got done seeing Ms Bistyboo. It was a very, very nice time. I really wish we could see her more often. Caroline, we miss you already, honey.

We are on the road, like I said. We're heading back outta Summerville heading toward Asheville. It's been pretty good so far. Ms Lo has decided that, considering the fact that she really does not have to be in that god-forsaken place for a whole week, that maybe stress relief is possible. I've actually laughed more this morning than I think I laughed in the last 9 months.

We kinda gossiped a little bit about and a little bit aboutfandom, you know, our upcoming projects. She has spoilers; nobody beat down the door, nobody harass her, but we've got plans for upcoming stuff. We may very well possibly work on it some point this weekend. We also gonna have 2 locations.

You can tell I am tired already cos I'm rambling.

But, yeah, update once we get to Asheville. We love you guys and we're hoping for a completely wonderful vacation. Love ya'll. Bye.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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