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Bitch, PLEASE! (This Is The Rant That Doesn't End...)

Can I get any more disgusted with this glossy, plastic, tricked-out, pop music travesty?

Enough with the cannibalistic bullshit, WB. As much as I love you, I've about had it with you of late.

How can this:

possibly match the gritty, realistic awesome that is this?

I want this stupid, brainless reboot off the air SO bad. *kicks it* And olansammuelle, do you see what they're doing here? Three years. They're using her departure in Mercy as the set-up with the movie background tied into it. They're going to ruin it. I could just kill them.

Also, I want it known that I don't have any beef with Maggie Q herself or the fact that they cast an half-Asian woman in place of the Australian; it's the fact that there was a reboot at all. And if they were going to pick the series up again, it should have been with the original cast. They promised follow-up to the series about ten years ago.

This isn't what we asked for. FU, WB.

ETA: God, I'm so pissed, I've had to edit this four times! That's when you know I'm mad! XD

Can you tell I'm a little pissed? Yeah. *grab her shovel and stalks off to Warner Bros. Studios*
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