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And While I'm Posting Like Mad, A Reminder!

I know I've been remiss in reminding everyone of the on-going voting, despite the fact that I've posted my banners! *headdesk* Even if the votes are not for me, PLEASE add your voices to the others and tell us all what your favorites of the last year have been. The final ballot is here. Voting ends the 17th.

Also, there are several fans who don't sign up for accounts, but read a lot of fic and provide reviews. Anonymous users of LiveJournal and fanfiction.net may use the name with which they sign their reviews and the site on which they review or comment. As long as we know who you are and that your vote is valid, everyone will be happy.

Charles, Lauré, this means you. If you feel the urge, I'd love you forever. ♥ But no pressure. I don't want anyone to feel torn and forced to say anything. *blows kiss*

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