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Getting A Little Better, Day By Day (As Told In Bullet-Points)

  • Chapter is in for beta. I want to do one last polish on it before presstime, but I think it looks pretty good.
  • New video started. This one is my millionth attempt to get something good out of a Little Secrets trailer, although it's really too long to be. We'll see. A preview should be up shortly.
  • Will get back to comments tonight. Things have just been so busy and stressful lately. Just know that I love you all and the well wishes are really keeping me going.
  • The good news is that I'm no longer clinging to be ceiling in terror. And I don't work with the bully again until Sunday. He's not closing and will only be there until 6. I'm also getting a little more confident about the selling. Even if I can't sell it, I'm trying to make the effort. That's all they can ask. The boss even said that we have to at least TRY to sell it, but you can't force them.
  • The bad news? He closes on Monday (I work his department 6-12) and Tuesday (I'll be in Harmon doing four pallets where he can't get me). It think that's it, though. If I can just stay out of the line of fire, I'll be fine. And I'll deal with him and the rest of the stress when I get home. Don't care at this point. And I was right. Straight-shot from Sunday to Friday. *makes face* Oh, well. Will make for a good check.
  • And a million and one kisses and thank you's to januaried , for trying so hard to make me laugh with the crackbunnies yesterday. ILUSFM, bb!
  • Since I'm not counting today, as it's already started, and not counting tomorrow, as I'm off, SIX DAYS TO GO! SIX! I WILL MAKE IT!
  • I'm getting some Lush delivered shortly, thank God. I NEED the pick-me-up. :D
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