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Someday I Will Learn To Listen To What My Sub-Concious Says...

I will not care about things that I can't change, things I can't manage, and people who treat me shabbily. I will not take everything to heart. I will not allow myself to worry about the words of a bully. Something stupid like sucking at suggestive selling should not ruin your whole night. Especially if said bully makes you feel stupid and small. Especially this close to your vacation. It's a useless moment of your evening. You should not spend the next few days obsessing over it. Even if your morale is in the gutter, even if you're exhausted and just want vacation to be here. You will not lose your temper and walk out. You will start looking for new employment when you get home. You will not spend your entire vacation worrying over whether you'll have your job when you get back. You will keep thinking ahead and looking for opportunities that will better suit you.


You are not as brainless as you think and you need to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. You actually DO deserve better than this and you CAN find a place that really needs you and respects you for who you are. You let too many others put you down and make fun of you just to get along. The time for that is over. Before you really make yourself so sick and nervous that you have to go on meds.

You will also stop worrying over whether your talent at writing is slipping. There are still people that enjoy your work and don't think you're letting them down. You're posting huge chapters on a fairly regular schedule. You're dealing with some pretty intense subjects while usually totally stressed to the max. Your beta hasn't quit in disgust. You have noms in the awards this year, from the sounds of things.


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