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Is It Working At Cross Purposes...

To both want there to be more hours in the day and want the rest of this month to be over already? *makes face*

Also, I know this is going to annoy you guys, but we're going to have to push deadline back a week because of the awards. We just have WAAAAAY too many balls in the air, one of which is the very end of our 12days_of_clois fic and I will not be late for the first time ever. And I really want the chance to look at this chapter really hard since there seem to have been issues with the last one. We're far too close to the end to have this come out wrong. So the next chapter of Heirs will be on Saturday the 3rd. We'll be posting Living Like We're Dying, our epilogue to Superman IV, this weekend. And then vacation, which means we'll totally charge up o0ur emotional and writerly batteries. I'm so sorry, all of you, but I just don't like leaving you with a rushed chapter that doesn't jell. Love me still?
Tags: heirs progress report, oneshot updates, vacation insanity
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