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In Which Lois Apologizes For Epic!Fail

A little better today after the emotion-vomit that was yesterday. I'm sorry I just spazzed like that; it's been one hell of a month so far and I guess I had to get it out of my system. Gah. I'm more than a little embarrassed about it, but hey. It's my LJ. I can say what I want, right? I'm just sorry you have to deal with it. *makes face*

Started a video of Margot that a fan requested a little while back. I like it so far, but I really need to get a few more of her films on the comp to really make it extraordinary. Currently trying to track down torrents for Sisters and Quackser. Let's see how that goes.

Noms list is more than halfway done. I'll likely have mine in by the end of the week. Finding a few gems out there that I never knew about. :D

Now off to the House of Happiness. I'm actually glad I only work a few days this week. The sooner vacation gets here, the better.
Tags: omg!noms!, the lois whining network, video update, work suckage

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