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Stupid Mondays

Ever had a morning when you get up and nothing you do seems right, nothing you've written in the last year looks right, it's too damn hot, you want to cry, and you feel like you're totally boring and you don't know why your friends bother with you when all of write in your LJ is gloom and doom? And you don't even do that well, not to mention your fic writing? 

Only useful thing I'm doing today is noms, some of which make me nervous.

Blech. I need to defriend myself.

Also, due to the fact that this last chapter had issues now that I look bck on it, Anissa and I are talking about taking a week's break to get The Pond finished, our 12days_of_clois  fic finished, and get some serious plotting worked out. I'm scared to death that the end of Heirs isn't going to be up to par and that's the last thing I want. After the way that LS ended, I really don't want to see this boring the hell out of you guys.

I think June is getting to me. I've never been so glad that vacation is soon. *lets out slow sigh of relief*

Sorry I have a case of the whiny bitch lately. :(
Tags: heirs, oneshot progress update, smfa 2010, the lois whining network

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