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2010 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards Eligible Fic Post

Here's the complete listing of all fic written by me and my coauthor.  Our collaborative work is listed by series, the solo work is listed by each author.

Solo work by [info]kalalanekent 

Sober | Lois Lane | PG |1,636 words

Collaborative work by
[info]anissa7118  and [info]kalalanekent 

LS/Heirs ‘verse, pre-Snapshots series:

Read My Mind: Twenty Years Ago | Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Richard White | G | 4,185 words

Little Secrets Snapshots series:

Lighter Than Air  | Superman/Lois Lane | R for sensuality | 907 words

A Spark in the Tinderbox | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | PG | 4,803 words

Such Great Heights | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | PG | 6,545 words

The Glow of Embers After | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | 3,310 words

Wintersong | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | G | 2,667 words

Little Secrets series:

With Clouds Between Their Knees | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | NC-17 | 1,501 words

On Wings of Steel | Clark Kent, Richard White | PG | 2,256 words

At the Closing of the Year | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | PG | 3,457 words

Lois Lane’s Rules on Raising Jedi Twins | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | G | 804 words

Heirs to the House of El series:

*Heirs to House of El (from “Fast Approaching Free Fall” to “Slipping Beyond the Pale”) | Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Richard White/Lana Lang | M for violence, language, sensuality | 331,003 words total, 181,316 words this year 

Illogically Iconic | Jason Kent, Kala Lane-Kent | PG | 4,129 words

*In Another Lifetime series:

Ever, Ever After (Epilogue) | Clark Kent/Lois Lane | G | 3,722 words

Standalone Reeveverse fics:

Sparks on the 4th 
| Superman/Lois Lane | G | 200 words

This Strange Effect
| Evil!Superman/Lois Lane | NC-17 | 4,219 words

Need You Now | Kal-El/Lois Lane | PG | 2,719 words

Whispers in the Dark | Superman/Lois Lane | M for sensuality | 1,672 words

Solo work by [info]anissa7118 

Superman Movieverse Pairings Challenge Fics

The One I Love the Most | Clark Kent/Martha Kent | G | 377 words

Blood Brothers | Ben Hubbard/Jonathan Kent | PG-13 | 994 words

Wish Upon a Falling Star | Jonathan Kent/Martha Clark | G | 940 words

Under the Wide Blue Sky | Ben Hubbard/Jonathan Kent/Martha Kent | PG-13 | 582 words

Left Behind | Ben Hubbard/Martha Kent | PG-13 | 371 words

Sunrise in Smallville | Ella Lane/Martha Kent | G | 268 words

A Shoulder to Lean On | Ella Lane/Perry White | G | 402 words

No More Long Island Iced Teas! | Lana Lang/Lois Lane | PG-13 | 844 words

The Darker Side of the Glass series:

In the Beginning
| Lana Lang/Lois Lane | PG-13 for sensuality | 1,537 words

Pompeii | Lana Lang/Lois Lane | M for violence and sensuality | 2,891 words

Collaborative work by [info]anissa7118  and [info]saavikam77 

Hero’s Lament  | Clark Kent/Lana Lang/Lois Lane/Richard White (OT4) | NC-17 | 3,135 words

*Ineligibility Notes: Always a Challenge, posted at the Superman Movieverse Pairings Challenge, is not eligible because it was not originally written this year.  Heirs to the House of El is not eligible for Best Work-in-Progress, and In Another Lifetime is not eligible for Best Series, because those stories won those awards in 2009.
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