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It's That Lovely Trauma-Inducing Time Of The Year Again...*whimpers*

It's June, everyone!  What does that mean?  Well, in Florida it means temperatures in the 90s, a humidity close to 100%, and giant cockroaches trying to invade your home.

But in Superman Movieverse fandom, it means AWARDS TIME!

The fourth annual Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards will begin nominations on Monday, June 7th.  Keep your eyes on supes_mv_awards  for more details, but I do have a couple spoilers for you!
  • This year brdwaybebe  is in charge of the awards - htbthomas  and bistyboo1974  are stepping down after three years of hard work on the awards they originally devised.  Thanks are in order for all three of these wonderful ladies!
  • Two new awards will be given this year: Best Beta and Best Reviewer

So start thinking about which stories you'd like to nominate.  And authors, start compiling your lists of eligible stories!  Make life easier on those nominators. 

Remember, any completed story or work in progress is eligible regardless of length or rating, so long as it meets these two criteria: it must be primarily based in the Superman Movieverse (the films Superman the Movie, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and/or Superman Returns), and it must have been written or had significant additions (new chapters count, edits of pre-existing work do not)  between June 1st, 2009 and June 31st, 2010
That's all for now - make sure you watch the community supes_mv_awards  for the latest news!  And once we have banners and icons available, make sure you promote the awards far and wide.  It is NOT an LJ-exclusive event, and all corners of the movieverse fandom should be represented!

Now, pass the Rolaids. GAH!
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