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How Do You Know We're Inspired?

It's Tuesday of a new posting week and we're already three scenes into the new chapter, at 2,600 words, and we're working on a Cloisy skinny-dipping oneshot that's already at almost 1,000 words. I also have plans to get This Strange Effect and Need You Now caught up soon.

Work is ass, but the writing is going well. And, really, that's all that matters until we leave for Asheville next month for Anissa's birthday. I'm thinking about adding a countdown clock just to remind me that rest is near.

Also, a little question for you guys (click the link below):

Any additional comments, add below. Just know that if it's insulting, I'll ignore and block it. :D (And no, F-list, I never expected it of you. *blows kiss*)
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