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Wow, I Really Am A Wet Blanket This Week

First, apologies to all of you. I've been really psycho moody this week. There's a lot of factors going on here. I'm just annoyed that it filtered over into a whiny bitch post. Blech. All of the crazy at work is almost at an end, at least from the big-bosses-going-home stance. Our SM is also going on vacation in a couple of days. Here's hoping that we can have a decent week while he's fishing, most likely.

The good news? The chapter going pretty steadily and is going to be huge. SO much going on. We're at 5,500 words and still have a good deal to add. I'll be so glad to get it out. Still shocked to be at this point, even after all this time. To know we're drawing down toward the end really amazes me. There's likely a dozen more chapters to go, but it's very close for me. That may also be adding to the weepy moodiness. So many things about to happen.

I'm heading to bed soon and promise to wake up a little more sane. God knows I need it. Both the sleep and the sanity. ;)

Good night, darlings!
Tags: heirs, the authors in rl, the lois bitching network, the lois whining network

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