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Between This Week And The Chapter...

 Lois is all about some over-tired basketcase. This is another of those want-to-run-away-and-hide-in-any-place-but-here weeks. The mountains seem so far away on days like this. Just want to get away from this life at times like this. I wanted all of this to be written on a week when I could just sit back and let the emotions fall where they may. Not happening. I just feel wrung out. I think the work will still be good, but I don't know if it'll be up to my standards.

Then again, that could just be the lack of rest and PMS talking.


See, januaried , I really do need you to keep me from driving myself nuts sometimes. Love you, bb. *blows kiss*
Tags: heirs, the lois whining network, work suckage

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