Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Note To Say "Thank You!"

I so owe you for this, elliania! Thanks so much, Kat, for all the work you've put into this and the work you're still doing. I wanted a new layout so badly for this page, and you've made it look beautiful! It's so bright and there's so much room! Even my icons look bigger! So I just wanted to say how much it means to me that you did this! *hugs*

Also in the news, we're practically to the end of the chapter as of 3:13 this morning. Only two more scenes to get through after the one we're in. Richard gets a larger-than-life surprise, Kitty gets a shock, and Lois has to face her first night in the house without the twins. At last count, we're at nearly 4,000 words. Should be at least 1,400 more by the end of the night tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone's reactions. Hope we've made it a bit more exciting than last week's offering.  :D

Here's a taste of what we have planned:

She had to get more batteries for the weakening flashlight, had to keep looking, no matter how hopeless the area looked.  Even if Kala and Jason weren’t here, maybe there was a clue.  One of Kala’s hair-ties, maybe one of those goofy-looking Godzilla pens from Jason’s bag.  Maybe one of the backpacks themselves.  She had to keep looking…

Lois froze.  There, in the hallway leading to this area, a shadow that hadn’t been there before.  An elongated shadow, like a man’s.  Lois’ hand crept into her purse, seeking the familiar rosewood grip of her Ladysmith.

Tags: little secrets art, little secrets spoiler
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