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An Amusing Scent And An Icon Meme

Not saying anything, but posting the link. The joke about Lana after a few drinks lives on. :D

And now for the real reason for the post.

1. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 7 of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

Ms. januaried  asked me about:

  Heirs :: Zod :: One Day: The classic line from STM from General Zod to Jor-El for his decision to entrap he and his co-conspirators in the Phantom Zone. The revenge was attempted in SII, but I use it to show the further reaching effects of this little speech in Heirs to the House of El

   Heirs :: Sebast :: Sebast Velez: Hello, pretty Latino boy! We love you! :D This is Sebast, Kala's best friend and usual partner-in-crime. They met their first year in high school, both recognizing immediately a kindred spirit in one another. One of these days we need to get enough time to write up how Kala, Sebast, Jason, and Elise met up. Kala was friends with both of the others first.

  Heirs :: Jason :: Momma's Boy
: Awwww! My baby boy! This one's pretty self-explanatory. Jason Kent has always been very close with his mother, seeing it as his job to make sure she's safe. Also, he's a bit of a goody-two-shoes who always tries to do the right thing, is good with elders and kids and animals. It's also impossible to provoke him into a true fight (unless you're Kala and even then, it's rough-housing) and not just because he could crush you like a bug pretty easily. Good thing he's a sweetheart like his Dad, huh? ;)

  Snark :: Evil Innocent: Okay, now we all know why I have this icon. *LOL* Shall we even discuss this? We all know I'm the Devil in disguise. ;)

   LS :: Clois :: Suspicion: Originally used in SII: Lester canon (yes, I admit there is a little usefulness in that film, though the DC is FAR SUPERIOR BY FAR) in the hotel scene, when Clark's laying on the cute by mentioning the 'sleeping arrangements'. It only could have been better if her eyebrow was arched. I think my Lois lives about 65% of her life in this state of suspicion of motives. It also doubles as my 'Lois Suspects Bullshit' icon.

  ATU :: Teen Lois: Currently, this is my placeholder icon for the future Across the Universe AU, in which a young Lois is stranded with other humans on a Krypton that never blew up as a hostage while the two worlds try to find a peace. I think this is going to be a lot of fun if we can get it off the ground. It'll still be the end of the year before we even look into it and it will be a series of oneshots in the vein of IAL.

   This Strange Effect :: Lois :: Midnight: I've actually had this one a long time, but the blurred and darker colors speak pretty well to a Lois who is doing somewhat objectionable things with an evil version of her soul mate in order to get close enough to him to get him back to normal. Sometimes looking that deeply into yourself can be a dark and scary place to be. 

Hopefully the answers don't suck. :D
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