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Also, On The Less Fluffy Side Of Town... ('This Strange Effect' Spoiler)

We haven't forgotten these two. There has been recent work done of TSE. It's just that we're taking our times doling out the sexy stuff because we don't want anyone thinking all we do is porn. Maybe a couple of weeks and we'll have the second half of this out. Between next week's EPIC chapter and me trying desperately to get done on Need You Now before the bunnehs or Anissa make me put it aside, it'll just take some time.  Until then, this is how things stand. :D


Lois seemed to unerringly notice it, too, and took shameless advantage of it.  He could feel one small hand tighten the hair at his scalp, her other hand clutching the back of his neck.  Oh, yes, she was more than a little bit angry with him.  “Don’t flatter yourself,” Lois forced out through her teeth.  “Why bother with teeth when a girl would just shatter them on that throat of yours?  Oh, no, there are other ways to get your attention.”

“And you know them all,” he growled, the pressure on his scalp only spurring him on.  This was lust and anger woven into each other so tightly it was hard to tell the difference, a heady mix indeed.  “From spraying soda all over me to wearing short white skirts split halfway to heaven, you know exactly how to make me notice you.”

Despite her obvious irritation, he felt a shiver run through her and roughly pulled her closer.  Unable to guard herself against it, her shudder was loud in the silence of the room.  Once the sensation passed, the hellfire came back into her eyes twice as strong.  “Right.  Like you have room to talk; this coming from a man who wears head-to-toe spandex while he flies around town,” she snapped back, hazel eyes locked to his with the threat of vicious revenge.  “Exactly where the hell do you get off lecturing me on wardrobe?  Especially when you were sneaking peeks at my underwear when I never thought you’d take me up on it?”
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