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My Weekend

Started too late, over too soon.  Lit out for Orlando at 10 PM, got in around 12:45 AM. The hotel, The Renaissance, was gorgeous (we stayed there last time since we couldn't stay at the Hyatt; nope, we don't have a lot of money, but Hotwire is your friend), but they tacked on service fees as usual. Anissa, thankfully, found a way around it. That would have been an additional $138 out of our spending cash that we wouldn't have to use, although we would have gotten $100 of it back if we didn't use incidentals. *rolls eyes* So, in the end, room: beautiful, price: not so much. In the end, we only paid the $160 for two days at the hotel. Got there, polished off the chapter, watched Lockup on MSNBC for about three hours. Passed out.

Got up around 9 to shower, determined not to look like the Wild Woman of Borneo when classicawesome  and glitter_my_glam.  Managed to do that and get the chapter posted before they got there, but was only halfway through makeup when they came up. I was SO thrilled to finally see Lynds. OMG, A, has the most gorgeous girlfriend, you guys! With THE most badass hair. The day went by pretty quickly in an extraordinary blur of SQUEE and AWESOME. Lynds trimmed Anissa's hair and cut and styled mine. Pics to follow. I love mine. It's very 'Lois'. ;) And, to top it all off, A's parents were sweet enough to treat us to Mellow Mushroom. Gotta admit, the pie is good anywhere, but I think the Asheville location is superior because of the fact that in the interior looks like Wonderland. Can't beat that. Oh, Asheville, July isn't soon enough.

The girls headed home around 8, leaving us to our own devices. Which means we got in the room and bombed out on naps. Naps that we took until 3 AM. After which we were like, BUH? No food but pizza since 6? NOM! So, despite Orlando being a 24-hour town, we ended up driving out to Winter Park to find an open Volde-Mart. An hour later, armed with guava pastry, strawberries, and other such delights, it was back to the hotel and more Lockup. LUSH didn't open until 7, so we stayed up until the airport stores opened and took the shuttle from the hotel over. For those Lushies among us, they remodeled the location at the airport recently and it LOOKS FABULOUS! SO MUCH SPACE! And the new products for the regular lines are coming out now. We've missed the last few parties because of my job, so we didn't get a chance to grab up more of the limited edition stuff. However, I can HIGHLY recommend the Créme Anglaise and the Turkish Delight. I have several other new items I'm trying out: Vanilla in the Mist soap and 13 soap. Some stores also seem to be carrying some of the Retro line, formerly only available on the website (I picked up a Fox in the Flowers and a Something Wicked.) And another bottle of Fox, because you can never have too much Fox in your life. :D In the end, I spent $50, which is about half of what I usually spend (and it was hard, let me tell you! Especially with the new products there! You guys know I usually save up pretty well before I go, but this time I just didn't have enough and I was out of almost everything). I'm placing a Retro order soon and may make another trip down before Anissa's birthday in July. Especially since I have a ton of new stuff I want to try and just haven't had the money with which to do it.

XD Well, now that I let my Lush flag fly, on with the story. We got back to the hotel, took a nap before our noon checkout time, and then made our way home. Both of us passed out on getting here, sleeping until around 8 for me and midnight for Anissa. XD It was a wonderful weekend and I only wish we had had more time with our girls, but they were a hot commodity this last week. classicawesome, I hate that you're leaving soon and I can't wait until next year to see you again. If I could share my wedding with anyone, I'm glad it's you. How can you feel so close to someone in such a short span of time? We have to steal you back here again before then. I'll miss you too much! *snuggles tight* And glitter_my_glam , you WILL get up here soon or we'll go down there and kidnap you. Fr srs. And I HAVE to get you to get me one of those stencil kits. I've been trying desperately not to chip the polish so I don't lose it soon!

In other good news? We started Part Two of This Strange Effect. :D Anyone happy? XD

Pics to follow tonight, as we have to shoot them still and I want my face on first. :D
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