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Dear Job and Sinus Cold,

Up yours. I can't have both of you at the same time, especially not after the FAIL that was last night. Especially not after I fight to keep going for four hours in serious misery and get yelled for throwing in the towel when I wasn't being a decent help, anyway. Yes, I'll get the riot act when I walk in on Sunday, but I don't care. I'm not trying to work like this another night and have someone freak out because I have to go or fall over. I shouldn't have tried yesterday. If I hadn't, maybe I wouldn't feel so bad today. I work cheap and fast on most days. You can afford to call in someone to replace me tonight.

In short, you can have each other. But not in my bed because I'll be recovering from you both there. :P

No love,
Tags: typhoid mary, work suckage

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