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It's Official! Holding The Chapter Until Next Weekend.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that it's already up around 3,500 words and we still have some serious stuff to add to this chapter. It's going to be huge. And pretty shocking, if we get to what I want to get to before it's over. Carnival of Rust is the most important chapter we've done so far in Heirs, I think, and I'm terrified to rush it and have it not be up to par. Forgive me?  It also gives us a chance to think over a pivotal scene one more time. I've been alternately looking forward to and dreading that one for a long time now. It'll be a relief to just be done with it and have it down on paper.

So. Next weekend? I'll likely be posting from Orlando, as we're going to see classicawesome , who's down from Canada this and next week, and my gorgeous little sister, glitter_my_glam ! And you know what vacations, even short ones, mean! ;) 

It'll be worth it. I hope. :D
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