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I Swear, *He* Made Me Do It!

I blame this firmly on the bossy SOB in my head currently. Bastard. *glares at Evil SIII Superman, who just leers at me evilly*


Kal-El stalked away from her, his shoulders tense.  The mention of Clark’s hometown had definitely struck a chord.  But he didn’t let her take advantage of that.  When he turned toward her again, the leer was back in his expression.  “I’m not interested in the past, anyway.  I’m more about the future – say, the next two hours.”

So his real life was a good trigger, huh?  There was her in…  “Last I checked, I was a part of your past,” Lois retorted, leaning back against the edge of the brick ledge.  “You were eager enough to be rid of me quickly last time.  Why double-dip?  I couldn’t have been too memorable if you didn’t want me to remember it.”  The implication hurt her to consider, but it really was a possibility.  And it might just give her a few answers.

His grin was absolutely feral.  “Oh no, it wasn’t like that at all.  I was trying to be noble and spare you the pain.  Since Daddy Dearest said I had to choose between the woman and the world, I didn’t want the woman to suffer.  Good thing I don’t go in for that kind of stuff anymore, huh?  And now that I’m not at the world’s beck and call … maybe you could use a few reminders…”

Apparently he didn’t want to give her the chance to say ‘no’ again, because in the next instant Lois was in her own living room, the French doors banging shut behind them, pressed against the wall with his mouth on hers and his hands sliding down to her hips.  He’d never been like this before, never this insistent and greedy, and she found herself responding to it in spite of what she’d set out to do.


And that's at the beginning. *knows she's beet-red* God help me, he's a persuasive bastard.
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