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Okaaaay, Seeing As How Life Went 'Splodey There For A Few Days...

I have a ton to catch up on. The chapter, however, is nearly done. Maybe another 200 words and it's off to saavikam77 .  I think I may put up a second spoiler today since we're so close.

First, before I go into the usual, it truly does suck to wander into beauty tutorials on YT, fall in love, and know they're done in another country where the items are not available in the US. *cries* You guys of the British persuasion don't know how lucky you are in the case of organics. I've seen more awesome (and reasonably priced) stuff on OxfordJasmine's channel than I've seen here. And some of it's even drugstore! GAH! I mean, WHY can't we have a Spiezia here? Or an Original Source? *whimpers*

And let's not even get me started on the MAC Love Lace line. It's totally perfect for me and the price is killing me. I'm going to cruise Ebay a little and see if I can get lucky, price-wise.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up about the girly stuff, Lo. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT! I miss being pretty. *grumps* At least I have my cherished Lush and the renovation is almost over at the Orlando store! God, I'm out of everything but my soaps. *whine*

*heavy sigh* Now that my girly bitch-fit is over, I have three days worth of meme to do and it follows below:

Day 3 ~ Favorite Musician
Day 4 ~ Favorite Album
Day 5 ~ Favorite Book

Favorite Musician ~ Yet again, two answers. Yep, I cannot be expected to narrow it down that far. One was from the mid-90s, one is current. It may be a stereotype, but they are Canada's Mandalay and our own 30 Seconds to Mars. I have a ton of bands I love madly, but these are the two that I keep coming back to.

Favorite Album ~ GAH! Now there's a difficult one! So many of them... But I think my all-time favorite is Depeche Mode's Ultra (DO NOT JUDGE ME! XD). I found it at a time in my life that every track was perfect. Currently, though? 30 Seconds to Mars' This Is War.

Favorite Book ~ *whine* Okay, then. Colleen McCullough's The Thorn Birds.  This book has everything perfect for me: love, angst, star-crossed lovers, war, family history, good, evil... I first saw it when I was a child as a film, but even the film doesn't do it justice. McCullough is so talented a storyteller, you can see every moment as clearly as if you were standing next to Meggie Cleary the whole time. LOVE IT!

day 1: favorite actor ~ Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder
day 2: favorite movie ~ The Virgin Suicides; Labyrinth, Dreamchild.
day 3: favorite musician ~ Mandalay, 30 Seconds From Mars
day 4: favorite album ~ Depeche Mode, Ultra; 30 Seconds to Mars, This Is War
day 5: favorite book ~ The Thorn Birds
day 6: favorite food
day 7: favorite tv show
day 8: pictures of your room
day 9: picture of a flower in your favorite color
day 10: favorite outfit
day 11: meme picture
day 12: favorite book quote
day 13: favorite recipe
day 14: a childhood picture
day 15: 2nd favorite movie
day 16: something that made you smile this day
day 17: favorite comic
day 18: favorite board game
day 19: a favorite memory
day 20: a 10+ year old picture
day 21: favorite movie quote
day 22: favorite television quote
day 23: favorite animal
day 24: something embarassing in your room
day 25: one of your most prized posessions
day 26: a picture from one of the greatest days of your life
day 27: a picture of where you’re from
day 28: a drawing of you in the future
day 29: a picture of space
day 30: somewhere you want to visit
day 31: whomever you find most attractive in this world
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